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Time to enjoy crisp, cooler days by making seasonal fare to share with loved ones. It can be a difficult time for healthy living practices, but with determination and a well-balanced plan, it can be done! Renew your focus on healthy eating and living by taking advantage of the fitness and healthy living resources available here. These resources have been compiled by Deanna Wagner, American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and health crusader with over 20 years experience as a fitness professional. These recommendations come from her professional and personal experience living a healthy life and helping dozens of other people to do the same.

Rib RoastCivilization has been a mixed blessing. Some changes have improved our health, others have diminished it. The Industrial Age foods entered our diet in increasing amounts. People also now sit for prolonged hours in front of screens of various sorts. These changes in lifestyle have had a detrimental effect on our health, and diseases that were once only seen in older adults are now claiming the health of our young people. At Better Health Clue, we recognize an urgent need to return to the era of healthy living by eating and exercising right!

Please explore the resources found here at Better Health Clue for better health, fitness & lifestyle. Here we have a catalog beginning to take shape of the items found to be superior for their purpose and why. We wish you well on your journey to better health!